Unifying the Tribal Divides with David Ball and Artemis Malekpour

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These days there’s a deep split affecting juries before they’re even pooled, and it has nothing to do with either the case or the parties. We’re in a cold civil war, fiercely divided, filled with rage and vitriol against each other. Our political, economic, social, and moral divisions have made us open-warfare tribes unable to compromise with each other about anything – including verdicts even when the verdict has nothing to do with the divisions. “I hate what you think about X so I won’t agree with you about anything.” This makes unanimous or near-unanimous verdicts harder and harder to achieve.

This webinar teaches the tools that unify jurors despite their mutual antipathy. And these tools will remain among your strongest even if our cold civil war ever ends.

David Ball, Ph.D.
David Ball, who wrote trial advocacy’s best-selling strategy book – David Ball on Damages -- is a litigation researcher and strategist with North Carolina’s Malekpour & Ball Consulting (JuryWatch, Inc.). He is the nation's most influential jury...More
Artemis Malekpour
Artemis Malekpour of Chapel Hill, NC is a partner in the litigation consulting firm Malekpour & Ball, where she specializes in case strategy, jury selection, jury research, focus groups and decision-making. As a lawyer with a background in psychology...More

Originally Published

July 18, 2019

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  • Unifying the Tribal Divides with David Ball and Artemis Malekpour - Video
  • Unifying the Tribal Divides with David Ball and Artemis Malekpour - Paper

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