CLE Video Replay Seminars

The State of Delaware Commissionon Continuing Legal Education allows attorneys to earn CLE hours by viewing videotaped seminars that occurred no more than 24 months ago.

The cost for DTLA members to watch a video CLE program is $37.50 per hour viewed ($55 per hour viewed for nonmembers) and includes the written materials provided at the live seminar. Founders’ Club and Presidents' Circle contributors may watch video CLE free of charge. To schedule a Video Replay Seminar, call DTLA at (302) 421-2801 or send an email to Kim Knight.

IMPORTANT! Before scheduling a time with DTLA to watch a taped seminar, please be sure that you fully understand all of the State’s video CLE rules. For more information about Delaware’s CLE rules, including the video CLE rules, please call the Commission on Continuing Legal Education  at (302) 577-7040.

IMPORTANT! Please note that video CLE is NOT eligible for Pennsylvania credit.


Please check back for a complete list of recordings that are eligible for credit in Delaware.  If you have questions about a specific seminar, please contact Kim Knight


PIP/UIM Update

April 11, 2014 - 2 hrs substantive

Ken Roseman, Esq., Pete Jones, Esq.


Annual Convention

June 6-7, 2014

Try the Case and Fix the Problem: How to Handle a Case with Important Public Safety Issues

.50 hr substantive

Shanin Spector, Esq.


How to ID and Preserve Evidence for a Crashworthiness Case Following a Catastrophic MVA

1.0 hr substantive

Stewart Eisenberg, Esq.


Closing Arguments in a Digital Age

1.0 hr substantive

Robert Mongeluzzi, Esq.


Cost Effective Ways to use Technology in Low-Value Cases

.50 hr substantive

Paul Null, Precise, Inc


Protecting Tort Plaintiffs from Defendant's Latest Strategies in Chapter 11 Bankruptcies

.75 hr substantive

Todd Phillips, Esq., James Wehner, Esq.


Judges Forum

1.25 hr substantive

Honorables Charles E. Butler, William Carpenter, Jr., Vivian Medinilla, William Witham, Jr., Robert Young, Lawrance Kimmell, Esq.


Judges Forum

1.25 hr substantive

Honorables Jane Brady, Jan Jurden, Paul Wallace, Joseph Slights, III, Esq.


Case Law Update

.50 hr substantive

Michael Sensor, Esq.


The Role of MRI in Treating Injured Patients

.50 hr substantive

Alexander Mark, MD


Ethics: The Legal Ethics of Social Issues

1 hr ethics

Margaret DiBianca, Esq.


What You Need to Know About Liens Against Personal Injury Recoveries

November 7, 2014 - 2 hrs substantive

Franklin Solomon, Esq.


Ethics Update 2014

December 12, 2014 - 2 hrs ethics

Chief Justice (retired) Myron T. Steel, Chip Slanina, Esq.



PIP/UIM Update

April 24, 2015



Annual Convention

June 12-13, 2015

ADR Panel

1.00 hr substantive

Bernard Conaway, Esq., Keith Donovan, Esq., Tiffany Friedman, Esq., Judge Joseph slights, Judge Charles Toliver, Yvonne Saville, Esq., David White, Esq.


Guardrails - A Hidden Danger on our Highways

.50 hr. substantive

David Kwass, Esq.


Settlements, Not Day-in-the-Life Films, that Maximize Recovery

.50 hr. substantive

Larry Bendesky, Esq.


Negligent Security A 21st Century Tort

1.00 hr. substantive

Shanin Specter, Esq.



.50 hr substantive

Attorney General Matt Denn


Effective Use of Technology without Going Broke

.75 hr. substantive

Mike Owen, Esq., Bruce Hudson, Esq., Randall Robbins, Esq., Charles Scott, Esq.


Case Law Update

.50 hr. substantive

Ben Schwartz, Esq.


Superior Court Judges Forum

1.00 hr. substantive

The Honorables John Parkins, Richard Stokes, Robert Young, Chase Brockstedt, Esq.


Introducing DUI Evidence into Civil Cases

.75 hr. substantive

Louis Ferrara, Esq., Richard Ferrara, Esq.


Written Voir Dire

.25 hr. substantive

Bruce Hudson, Esq.


Working with Clients with Brain Injury Resulting from Trauma and Accidents

1.00 hr. substantive

Bart Dalton, Esq., Alan Fink, MD


Ethics Update

1.00 hr. ethics

Jeff Weiner, Esq., Chip Slannina, Esq.


Ethics Update 2015

December 4, 2015 - 2 hrs ethics

Yvonne Saville, Esq., Mike Silverman, Esq., Karen Vavala, Esq., The Hon. Joseph Slights



PIP/UIM Update

April 15, 2016 - 2 hrs substantive

Gary Nitsche, Esq., Pete Jones, Esq.


Annual Convention

June 10-11, 2016

Case Law Update 

.75 hr substantive

Bill Peltz, Esq., Ben Schwartz, Esq.


Robert Mongeluzzi Presents

.75 hr. substantive

Robert Mongeluzzi, Esq.


Class Action Issue Spotting

.65 hr. substantive

Stuart Grant, Esq.


Against the Grain: Successfully Bucking Conventional Wisdom

.75 hr. substantive

Shanin Specter, Esq.


Traps for the Unwary in DE Law

.50 hr substantive

Shaku Bhaya, Esq., Eric Doroshow, Esq.


Nursing Home Neglect Litigation

.75 hr. substantive

Michael Brusca, Esq.


Defining and Treating Acute Spinal Injuries

.60 hr. substantive

Larry Kimmel, Esq., Jim Zaslavsky, MD


Rapid Fire Tips: Family Law, Disability law, Employment Law

.50 hr. substantive

Carolyn McNeice, Esq., Steve Butler, Esq., Barb Stratton, Esq.


Superior Court Judges Forum

.75 hr. substantive

The Honorables Jan Jurden, Jeffrey Clark, Vivian Medinilla, Andrea Rocanelli, Paul Wallace, Ferris Wharton, Tara Bustard, Esq., Raeann Warner, Esq.


Workers' Compensation 3rd Party Litigation

.50 hr. substantive

Jon O'Neill, Esq., Sam Pratcher, Esq.


Ethics Update

1.00 hr. substantive

Judge Mary Johnston

Rick DiLiberto, Esq.


Police Excessive Force

.75 hr. substantive

Steven Norman, Esq. Daniel Herr, Esq.


Rapid Fire Tips: Bankruptcy Law, Criminal Law

.50 hr. ethics

Bernie Conaway, Esq., Bill Deely, Esq.



































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